Me and my dad (the guy pulling the funny face) at the press unveiling of the Ben 10 Ultimate Mission ride at Drayton Manor Park, UK, in April 2011

Hi I’m Ethan, I’m 12 years old. I live in Manchester AND I LOVE ROLLERCOASTERS.

This site is about rollercoasters. Since I reached 1.4 metres in height when I was 10, I’ve been able to ride any rollercoaster I want to.

I started this blog because I want to show people how rollercoasters are awesome and you don’t know good it is until you try.

I rate the rollercoasters I have tried out by the following criteria: Surprise Factor, Speed, Fear Factor, Vertigo Factor, and Overall. I also include the main facts: Maximum Speed, Maximum Height, Maximum Drop, Number of Inversions, G Force, Launch Date, Cost and Duration.

I hope my experiences will encourage you to try out some of the rollercoasters. If you would like to invite me to themepark to review rollercoasters, please email my mum: Rhonda.carrier@takethefamily.com

Click here for my reviews.


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