Stealth, Thorpe Park, UK

Copyright Merlin Entertainments Group

Copyright Merlin Entertainments Group


Speed 5/5

Surprise factor 4/5

Fear factor 5/5

Vertigo factor 5/5

Overall 4/5


Stealth is a booster rollercoaster – which means it starts off really fast (0–80mph in 1.8 seconds!). It’s like Rita,Queen of Speed at Alton Towers (see below) but much much better, because it then shoots you up over a really steep ‘top hat’ (not literally though!). Signs warn you that sometimes it doesn’t make it to the top and rolls back down backwards – not for the squeamish but I think I might like that!

The only thing is that it’s so short – I think it should maybe have another top hat or something at the other end.


Launched 15 March 2006

Cost £12 million

Duration 19 seconds (29 seconds to station)

Maximum speed 80mph (129kph)

Maximum height 62 metres

Maximum drop 62 metres

G force 4.8

Inversions 0


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