Hurakan Condor, PortAventura, Spain



Speed 5/5

Surprise factor 2/5

Fear factor 4/5

Vertigo factor 5/5

Overall 4/5


This is NOT a rollercoaster, it’s a freefall tower or ‘giant drop’ ride. You can see the top from miles away and when you drop, it makes your dangly bits feel funny!!!!!! My mum thought it was the most terrifying ride in the themepark but I really liked it!

See more on our stay at PortAventura and family holiday in Catalonia.


Launched 22 May 2005

Cost €6 million

Duration 4 seconds (drop)

Maximum speed 71mph (115kph)

Maximum height 100 metres

Maximum drop 86 metres

G force 3

Inversions 0


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