Muntanya Russa, Tibidabo, Barcelona, Spain


Speed 3/5

Surprise factor 2/5

Fear factor 3/5

Vertigo factor 4/5

Overall 2/5


Tibidabo isn’t a themepark, it’s an amusement park overlooking Barcelona. The Muntanya Russa (which means ‘rollercoaster’ in Catalan) is on top of a big hill (so is the amusement park), so when you go down the drop, it looks like you’re gonna go WAAAGH down to crash into the city. Then it does a sharp turn and snakes though the woods very fast.

See more on Tibidabo and our family break in Barcelona.


Launched 23 December 2008

Cost €3 million

Duration 1 min 13 secs

Maximum speed 49.7mph (80kph)

Maximum height 25 metres (522 metres above sea level)

Maximum drop 31 metres

G force 3.5

Inversions 0


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