Nemesis, Alton Towers, UK


Speed 4/5

Surprise factor 3/5

Fear factor 3/5

Vertigo factor 3/5

Overall 3/5


This is supposed to be one of the most exciting rollercoasters in the world. I can see why people say that, but I think lots of things are more exciting – like Oblivion (see below). They could have made it slower so you could realise what is happening – it is exciting to go so fast, but the problem is you hardly have time to know what the heck is happening.

It also has a sister ride that was launched on 24 March 2012, Nemesis Sub-Terra. It’s about these aliens called Nemesis. The main part of the ride is a drop-tower dark ride that takes you down to see an alien egg explode (and get splattered by it). I like it a bit but I think they should make it more of a ride – at the moment there’s too much walking around.


Launched 16 March 1996

Cost £10 million

Duration 1 min 20 secs

Maximum speed 50mph (80kph)

Maximum height 13 metres

Maximum drop 32 metres

G force 4

Inversions 4


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