Air, Alton Towers, UK

Air, Alton Towers, UK (image copyright Alton Towers)


Speed 3/5

Surprise factor 2/5

Fear factor 2/5

Vertigo factor 3/5

Overall 4/5


This is my favourite rollercoaster because it was my first upside-down one, and also because it feels as if you really are flying. It makes you feel weightless and a bit like a bird because it hangs you down from your seat.

I felt really excited when it went upside-down because of the blue sky. You might be lucky and it might be a lovely day.

The weird thing is that despite being not so high and not so fast, I give it 4/5 overall. As is noted in Wikipedia: “When it was launched, ride designers said that the way forward for roller coasters was to go higher and faster. Air’s popularity suggested that this was not the case, and that roller coaster enthusiasts seek unique, different ride experiences, not just bigger and taller thrill rides.”


Launched 16 March 2002

Cost £12 million

Duration 1 min 30 secs

Maximum speed 46mph (74kph)

Maximum height 25 metres

Maximum drop 20 metres

G force 3.2

Number of inversions 2


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